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Aerial Yoga Offerings

What's so great about aerial yoga?

It's so fun! Aerial is a fantastic combination of traditional yoga poses and the development of acrobatic skills all whilst being supported with the use of a hammock. Think of it as a bridge to good physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing for all yoga practitioners.

Never tried aerial yoga before? Don't worry, our aerial yoga classes are suited for everybody.


Melt, Sink, Soften. Float (Yin Aerial Yoga Silks) is a fully supported, mostly floor based silks practice based around the principles of Restorative and Yin Yoga. Think long holds and slow flow. Stretch and release.


Stretch, Express, Strengthen. Flow (Aerial Yoga Silks) develops your flexibility and creative nature with this free flowing, vinyasa style of silk supported practise. Think self expression through challenging gravity & learning to fly.


Push, Pull, Develop. Flex (Aerial Yoga Trapeze) is a beautiful blend of Yoga Asana and Suspension/Resistance Training. Enter the Yoga Trapeze! Flex incorporates areas that are often forgotten in a traditional yoga practise and that all important pull motion! Build heat, lengthen and strengthen.


Creative, Fun, Precise. FlyHighYoga™ is a versitile and fun form of aerial yoga developed in 2012 in Ubud, Bali. Inspired by Iyengar Yoga, this makes the progression of your practice easier, more precise, more intense and more fun!

Traditional Yoga & Other Offerings

Flying not your thing?

We also offer ground-based practice in traditional forms of Hatha & Vinyasa flow as well as restorative Yin and meditation.


Hatha Yoga is a practise that includes asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper practices such as meditation.

Vinyasa + Power Flow

A fitness-based approach to Vinyasa style flow. Students will focus on linking conscious breath with energetic and mindful flow. In a power yoga class, students will build strength, flexibility and concentration while energising & centering the body and calming the mind.


Yin Yoga is a practise to encourage stillness in the body and the mind through a series of long held, passive floor postures targeting the lower body, resulting in improved flexibility and mobility.


Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath, movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.

Yoga Workshops

New to yoga or just want to try something different?

Our workshops are designed for everyone regardless of previous yoga experience.

Yoga 101

This workshop series will help you to develop a safe understanding of basic yoga postures, their benefits and help you build confidence to move to the next level or just to refresh and deepen your personal practise

Aerial Fundamentals

This workshop is for students looking to build a great foundation for aerial work on any apparatus. Students will work on all three major apparatuses--silks, trapeze and FlyHighYoga--while focusing on building strength and body awareness for aerial work.

Yin + Tonic

Our Yin + Tonic workshops allow people more time to experience the beauty of each Yin pose.
Yin + Tonics have the intention of being designed for each season and the corresponding organs & meridians. Blissful.

Coming soon

We're working hard to bring you the following classes as soon as possible.

We're excited to bring you more classes - we're still working out the details of these classes at the moment.
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Bringing together traditional asanas (poses) from Yoga with gym-style interval training, we will use a mixture of holding and pulsing movements to work on core & overall body strength, increase endurance and stamina, as well as promote flexibility and coordination.

Aerial Yoga Sling

Aerial Yoga Sling incorporates all of the fun and creativity of Aerial Yoga Silks with the added challenge of the free-spinning motion of acrobatic silks.
Something to add to the repertoire once you have mastered the other aerial yoga arts.

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We hate spam just as much as you do, so we promise we won't send you spam or sell your email address in any way shape or form.

Meet the Team

What is our aim? Why are we here? Why are any of us here? Ah... life! At least we can tell you this. Our aim is to bring our love and knowledge of all things Yoga to the people we meet; making it more attainable, more approachable, less intimidating and more fun! We aim to encourage and include, to support and expand, and to create a sense of involvement & community. We hope that you will fall in love with Practice and Presence as we all did.


Owner & Aerial and Yoga Instructor

Yoga found Nerida unexpectedly changing her life's direction. After completing her Vinyasa and Hatha flow certification with Kate Middleton Yoga, she found new avenues of training and a sense of freedom within, then remembered she had always wanted to be Peter Pan. Enter Aerial! Oh, what is life without whimsy?

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Guest Yoga Instructor

Finding strength and peace within her mind through her years of self guided practice, Claire completed Hatha Yoga Training with Om People Yoga in the midst of India. She wishes to share her passion and understanding with her students to bring a more wholesome confidence and balance which can be carried in and out of the studio.

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Beginners & Kids Aerial Instructor - Pole Fitness Instructor

Cassandra is a mother and an artist who fell in to aerial yoga after completing her pole fitness certification and stepping in temporarily to teach aerial yoga at the studio she trained at. Having been a home yogi for many years, this suited her love for nurturing her mind, body, and soul with the gentle practice of yoga and the exhileration of being upside down in the air. Cassandra is passionate about helping others empower themselves through building strength, confidence, discipline, and smashing personal goals.


Children's Yoga Instructor

Beatrice is a light filled, joyful and enthusiastic being. She discovered Yoga thanks to her travels around the world and learnt to embrace the peace and balance it can bring within. Trained recently as a Yoga Ed. Children's Teacher she wants to spread the seeds of the benefits she found in yoga to kids. Her aim is to give kids a fun and playful introduction to Yoga while learning life skills through breath, movement and relaxation


Events Yoga Instructor and Health Coach

Lena is a holistic health coach, Ayurvedic therapist and yoga teacher, all about natural and holistic living and thriving by nourish body, mind and soul. Her approach to yoga is very integrative with the intention of connecting deeper to ourselves through movement, breath and stillness, develop body awareness, presence and mastery of mind and emotions, to experience the “state of flow”. If not here, you’ll likely find her barefoot, wandering somewhere in nature.

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